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Marybeth Abel Legacy Fellowship


Photo Credit: Heather Gershonowitz

Count me in! I would like to participate in the launch of the Marybeth Abel Legacy Fellowship.

A maximum donation of $1000.00 is allowed on the form below. If you need to donate more than that, please contact us at or 330-618-1501 for additional information.

Please note the date of your contribution. It will show up as a payment to Wix on your statement.

Phase 2 of the Campaign

We are asking you to join a select group of inaugural donors to help us build the foundation for this fellowship. Once we reach $30,000.00 the fund can be established.

To make a tax-deductible donation right now, please complete and submit the form below. Your contribution will go directly to establishing this fellowship. A program that will  foster vital stage manager career education.

Please note the date of your contribution for future reference. This contribution will appear as a payment to Wix on your statement.


Thank you for your donation! If you selected a specific project, someone will contact you soon.

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