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To make a tax-deductible donation right now, please complete and submit the form below. Your contribution will go directly to programs that foster continuing stage manager career education, scholarship, and advocacy.


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Groundworks Campaign
March 1 to March 31, 2023
(*Board or Advisory Board Member)

Bryan Ackler

Patreshettarlini Adams*

Jon Allen

Amir Arison

Allison Baker

Bob Bennett

Mandy Berry

Bill Byrnes

Tracy Cameron

Rusty Cloyes

Buzz Cohen

Michael Collins

Joel Ben Cooper

Heather Cousens

Caroline Curvan

Chris Danner

Carol Dennis

Kathe DeVault

Suzi Dietz

Sarah and Joseph**Drummond

Andrew Feigin

Julianne Figueroa

Ian Gallanar

Bob Gaspar

Pam Gensel

Katie N. Glasner

Susan Green

Marjorie Horn*

Julie Johnson

W. Wilson Jones

Miles Kapper

Elynmarie Kazle*

Ardith and Bill Keck

Mary Klinger

Valerie Lau Kee

Neil Kutner

Lindsey Lowy

Patricia Mackay

Greyson Merritt

Robert Mills

Amanda Novoa

Donno Parman

Peggy Anderson

David and Lauri Piel

Laura Powell

Sanford Robbins

Daryl Roth

Rachel Scandling

Robert* and Patricia* Sutherland-Cohen

Rich Topol

Gretchen Van Horne

Joel Veenstra

Adrienne Wells

40 for 40 Campaign
March 1, 2022 - February 2023
(*Board or Advisory Board Member)

Pat Adams*

Jay Adler

John Atherlay*

Meghan Cahill

John Concannon

Joe* and Sarah Drummond

Apple Fig Productions

Andy* and Mimi Apfel-Feigin

Victoria Frank

Janet Friedman

Bill Hare*

Marjorie Horne*

Sheree and Nikki* Hyde

Elynmarie Kazle*

Suzi Kilbourne

James Latus*

Lynda Lavin

Bill McMillan

Cheryl Mintz

Tom Moore

Barbara Negro

Patrick O'Leary

Joseph Onorato

Amy Pell*

James Pentecost

Brian Rangell

Robin Rumpf

Peggy Samuels

Debra Sherrer

The Stage Managers' Association

Matt Stern

The Broadway Symposium

Robert Sutherland-Cohen*

Pat Sutherland-Cohen*

Erin Joy Swank

Donald Waters

Adrienne Wells

Vernon Willet

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