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The first round of small grant applications has been extended to March 23, 2023. Applications are due no later than 11:59 p.m. (EST). Applications are accepted for up to $2000.00 and will be announced on or about April 16, 2023.

The SMA provides funds for public events that enhance and develop stage management skills, advocacy, education, and training.

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Organizations producing or supporting stage managers that are in the 501(c) series of non-profits, or individuals, groups of individuals, or organizations sponsored through a 501(c) fiscal receiver. 

501(c) Series Organizations

Proposals accepted from organizations whose activities align with the mission and funding purposes of the Foundation. This includes programming to advance stage managers career education. 

What Can Be Funded

Program and services, honorariums, travel to conferences, and workshops.

*Scholarships when named funds are available.

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Types of Funding Available

  • Grants: The SMAF may grant funds to individuals through fiscal receivers or to 501(c) series of not-for-profit organizations, as long as the use of those funds aligns with the SMAF’s mission.

  • Honorariums: The SMAF may offer funds to support honorariums to one or more individuals in compensation for lectures, seminars, mentoring or similar activities, for the furtherance of educating students or others. Such honorariums may also be structured to cover out-of-pocket costs incurred in scheduling, materials, travel, and other appropriate expenses related to being on-site for such activities.

  • Scholarships: The SMAF may award funds to support accredited courses in the field of stage management or the pursuit of higher education degrees. The guidelines for these scholarships shall be subject to the SMAF mission and approved distribution guidelines. *(Not available in round 1.)

  • Community Giving: The SMAF may allocate funds to specific 501(c) series of tax-exempt organizations or individuals to fund stage manager-related needs and causes.

What We Do Not Fund

We do not fund:

  • Subvention (book publishing)

  • Purchase of major equipment for an individual or organization (computer equipment, projectors, modems, etc.)

  • Individuals or organizations that are not a non-profit fiscal receiver or are not affiliated with one.

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